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T-Mobile is offering free iPhone-11 Pro

T-Mobile’s new and existing subscribers will get this.At T-Mobile, if you meet the entirety of the carrier’s qualifications, then you can get a free iPhone 11 Pro. For one thing, you need to change in your old device from another carrier and trade, or if you’re a current user, by adding a line to plan, Read more about T-Mobile is offering free iPhone-11 Pro[…]

Fewer voters voting by mail amid-uproar

Some voters are saying that they are voting over USPS changes by mail amid-uproar. A little portion of voters hopes to cast a vote via email in November’s election now than did two weeks ago. The move comes as Americans wrestle with worries about whether changes to the U.S. Postal Service will prevent endeavors totally Read more about Fewer voters voting by mail amid-uproar[…]

PUBG Mobile’s a big 1.0 update

Its also getting a $2 million esports tournament. The mobile version of the seminal shooter keeps on being one of the biggest and best games on the planet. And now it’s getting a 1.0 update that guarantees immense lifts to execution and different advantages without a moment to spare for a planned $2 million esports Read more about PUBG Mobile’s a big 1.0 update[…]

Apple appears posting Sept.10 5G-iPhone details

Stream details would be in the event on YouTube. Apple’s signature mystery may have slipped, when a Twitter user posted a photograph of what had all the earmarks of being a booked Livestream for the iPhone producer’s YouTube account set for Sept. 10. The individual tweeted that it was his YouTube membership page and it Read more about Apple appears posting Sept.10 5G-iPhone details[…]

Google Meet: cast videoconferences to TV-screen

If you have the idea of having your work gatherings on the greatest TV screen in your home appear to be engaging, then you are going to be with Google Meet’s new feature. Google Meet is adding Chromecast backing to let you do precisely that. You would now be able to project your gathering to Read more about Google Meet: cast videoconferences to TV-screen[…]

Mounting U.S.-China tensions: Unhelpful for Hong-Kong

… says city’s commerce secretary The city’s secretary for economic and commercial development said that tensions of the U.S.-China are bad for Hong Kong, as he asked everybody to perceive that the common enemy of the world is the COVID-19. On Monday, Edward Yau said that they are seeing U.S.-China tensions mounting that is not Read more about Mounting U.S.-China tensions: Unhelpful for Hong-Kong[…]

Uber may shut-down in California temporarily

…said CEO Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said that it would probably shut down the service for several months in case the court won’t overturn a recent ruling needing it to expect it to order its drivers as full-time workers. He stated it in an interview with Stephanie Ruhle on Wednesday. He added,“If the court doesn’t Read more about Uber may shut-down in California temporarily[…]

Samsung’s profits are up despite COVID-19

Expecting smartphone sales can be in the next quarter. In the second quarter of the year 2020, the Samsung has posted better than expected earnings, having the 23 percent year-on-year up operating profit to 8.15 trillion won and $6.84 billion in spite of a 6-percent fall in income.Samsung posted superior to anticipated income for the Read more about Samsung’s profits are up despite COVID-19[…]