Mounting U.S.-China tensions: Unhelpful for Hong-Kong

… says city’s commerce secretary

The city’s secretary for economic and commercial development said that tensions of the U.S.-China are bad for Hong Kong, as he asked everybody to perceive that the common enemy of the world is the COVID-19. On Monday, Edward Yau said that they are seeing U.S.-China tensions mounting that is not helpful to Hong Kong, and also to the U.S. and China trade. However, they are fighting the pandemic, he thinks the final thing one needs is a further interruption that would upset or disturb the trade.

He highlighted the economic scorecard across the Pacific that displays show an exceptionally solid connection between’s the means by which well a country has contained the flare-up versus its economic performance.

However, Yau said that some different economies in the district have been hit by twofold digit development decays. Hong Kong’s development eased back to a remarkable 9% decrease in the second quarter. On a few fronts, the economy of the city has been pummeled: pro-democracy protests that damage tourism and businesses badly, and now the pandemic.

TheYau said that if they can’t contain Covid-19 independently and can’t contain Covid-19 independently and, then he thinks they are generally bearing the cost. So in any case, he says thatwell, maybe from the Covid-19, the economic tsunami arising.

He further said that he believes that’s that is something that we need to watch, specifically for Hong Kong being so internationalized, hence intertwined with trade with the globe. He said, “I think we’re highly conscious that well, we should be taking every step to combat Covid-19, and also to ease any tensions which (are) unnecessary and unwarranted.”

In the quarrel, Hong Kong has been caught up. Washington said after Beijing forced the national security law on Hong Kong that it would the city’s uncommon trading status with the U.S that has increased fears that as a financial hub fears that Hong Kong’s status could be eroded.

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