Twitter could launch a subscription option

Twitter may be working on a paid product that would give the subscription option to users. Every platform keeps doing something new to keep their users more excited about their apps, platform, features, and more. Twitter is going to do something new for users on its platform where investors seem thrilled. TWTR, Shares of Twitter rose 8% following a job porting where it was said the company is designing a subscription platform that is codenamed as – Gryphon. This notification has thrilled some investors.

Living in New York, a senior software engineer has listed to seek the job to join Gryphon who is included and described as a “new team” which is “building a subscription platform”. Then, this new platform can be “reused by other teams in the future.” It was noticed in posting notes that this work is a first for the company. Further details have a light job description.

A spokesperson of Twitter gets stressed who said that it’s not a product announcement, it’s only a job posting, Just like some other rival social networks, Twitter has also concentrated on making money as well as offering a free service by giving them permission to brands to target ads in front of its large twitter community and audience.

A company can find the source of revenue from A paid subscription offering beyond data licensing and advertising. However, it is not the first time that Twitter has weighed paid offerings. In 2017, Twitter used a survey from users and collects the results to check a preview about the premium offering of the TweetDeck app. In this app, the preview of many features was included such as analytics and breaking news alerts according to the verge.

At the time, a Twitter spokesperson included in the statement that they are conducting this survey for accessing the interest of Tweetdeck’s enhanced version. He also stated that Twitter conducts user research on a regular base so that it can gather feedback from the user’experience from Twitter.

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